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For guidance for parents to help you understand your children's learning and development in YR, please follow this link:


Please click the link below to see the Foundation Stage (Reception Year) learning themes for 2017/18:

Foundation Stage Learning Themes


Click here for the booklet that was handed out at the Maths Information session in January.

 Please see the list below of the topic webs for each term - please note that there is not a topic web for term 1 for YR

Topic Webs 2017-2018

 Term 6 - On the Move.pdfDownload
 Term 5 - All Creatures Great and Small.pdfDownload
 Term 4 - In the Garden....pdfDownload
 Term 3 - Come to the rescue!.pdfDownload
 Term 2 - Colour and Light.pdfDownload
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Topic Webs 2016-2017

 Term 6 - On The Move.pdfDownload
 Term 5 - Life Even Bigger and Even Smaller.pdfDownload
 Term 4 - Life Big and Small.pdfDownload
 Term 3 - Heroes and Villains.pdfDownload
 Term 2 - Colour and Light.pdfDownload
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